Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Roebuck Remote

Welcome to the Roebuck Remote, the place to keep you updated on the Roebuck family for the times we are away from home this summer. I can't update my other blog remotely, so I decided to put this blog up to document what's going on with us and the kids [ I use the blog for myself, too, to journal about dates and events that are milestones for the kids.... so this will help me to keep track of all of those milestones that moms like to keep track of. :-) ]

On to the more serious business: for those of you who may not have heard, my mom was diagnosed two weeks ago with extensive small cell lung cancer that has spread to her liver. There is no cure for this type of cancer.

We are in Arkansas with my family, and my mom starts chemo today. Please pray that it will go as smoothly as possible and that it will kill as much of the cancer cells as possible. The doctors are hopeful that chemo will give her up to a year or a little more of good health before the cancer returns, at which time there will be no other treatments that can help.


Tammy Chastain said...


Just want you to know that the Chastain clan that you once knew is all praying for your whole family.

JD, Carrie, Doug & Tammy

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