Monday, September 10, 2012

Craft Fun Galore!

Nothing pleases a house full of princesses more than CRAFTS! We kept all these cute little fingers busy during our tea party with several different craft projects from Creativity for Kids. As the girls were arriving for the tea party, they made these adorable pink zebra-striped tote bags (Maggie was THRILLED that this project included zebra print- she's a zebra fanatic!).

After the bags were complete, we started stuffing them with some more craft goodies for the girls to take home!

After tea and sandwiches, we all headed out to make fancy headbands and pop art necklaces. Both of these projects were definitely a hit with all these fancy little ladies! Maggie's cousin Susan was a big help and showed all the girls how to get started on their pop art necklaces.

And here are the little ladies with their fashion craft creations! Aren't they lovely?!