Monday, August 30, 2010

Conversations with Max and Maggie

In the car today, listening to Steven Curtis Chapman's .

Maggie: What's this song about?
Me: It's about the day a little girl believes in Jesus.
Maggie: What'd she believe?
Me: Well... she believed that Jesus is who He said He is in the Bible. That He is God's son who came to earth; He was completely God and completely man, but He never, ever sinned, had a bad attitude, lied or made a wrong choice. And even though He never sinned, He loved us so much that He took the punishment for our sins by dying on the cross. And then three days later He did something that no other person has ever been able to do- He raised Himself from the dead, and now He's living in heaven and making a home where all of us who believe in Him will live with Him forever.
Max: I BELIEVE! I believe in Jesus!
Me: I know you do, Max. Nothing could make me happier.
Maggie: I don't. I don't believe.
Me: That's okay. It's okay if you don't believe in Jesus today. Someday you will.
Max: (panicked) But, Maggie, you have to believe in Jesus! If you don't believe in Jesus, you won't be able to go to heaven, and heaven is a great place!
Maggie: Can we hear the song about the little girl who believes again?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Conversations with Maximus

Last night at bedtime prayers:

Me: Maximus, what would you like to pray about tonight?
Max: Well.... do we know anybody who's sick or anything? How is Grandmama feeling today?
Me: Grandmama is feeling a little bit sick today.
Max: (shaking his head slightly) Hmmm... I really only like to pray for people who are medium sick or more.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Back from the California breeze to the Arkansas Humidity

After a week in Sunny yet cool Southern California, I'm back to the land I love: Arkansas. :-) When I left the house we were staying in Camarillo on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m., it was 57 degrees. Back home in Arkansas, it was 103 on Tuesday. Quite a difference!

I had a great week with my Dad, Mom, Mitch and Russ in California. We missed having Tyler there- it was almost like old times. In some ways it's hard to believe that it used to be just the six of us all the time. I love how families have a way of multiplying and expanding!

The two highlights of the trip for me were definitely hearing my mom speak two times (the purpose of the trip) and visiting with Lucas' parents in Fallbrook.

It was my first time to visit Chaney and Maria's home without Lucas or the kids, and it reminded me how blessed I am to have so many people in my husband's family, on both his mom's side and his dad's side, who have embraced me as one of their own. It's a little hard to articulate, but I had a true sense of going home when we pulled up to their house. That's an intangible treasure to have with one's in-laws, I think– not something that you can force to happen or always even work to create. It's something I always wanted and prayed I would have with my husband's family, and God gave it to me.

The week was definitely a special one, and I was so grateful to be able to go. I have to give a MAJOR shout-out to my sisters-in-laws and friends who helped so much with the kids while Lucas was at work so that it was possible for me to go. And of course to Lucas who worked so hard while I was gone to give me this gift. Thanks, everyone!

Here are just a few snapshots from the week: