Friday, April 03, 2015

Conversations with Maximus

Max: if I have a son someday, I already know what I will name him. 
Mom: oh, yeah? What?
Max: Maximus the Second. And if I get to have a second son, I will name him Zane. 
Mom: what if you have a third son?
Max: William. And if I have a fourth son, Amadeus. It's a good first name. 
Mom: I would love it if you had four sons someday. I would also love it if you had four daughters. And I would especially love it if you had four sons and four daughters. 
Max:Yikes. Hey, mom, have you ever noticed that it's usually men who name their sons down and down and down, but the women don't usually name their kids after themselves?
Mom: yes- why do you think that is?
Max: I guess it's just nature. Just the way people think.