Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Conversations with Alexander

After we dropped Max and Maggie off for a kid's bowling outing at church. 

Alexander: I want to go in there, too! I saw kids in there.
Mom: I'm sorry, buddy. This event is only for bigger kids. 
Alexander: But I AM a bigger kid. I'm seven units tall!

Conversations with Alexander

After his piano lesson, Alexander brought me a piece of paper he had drawn on with a pink crayon. He took the paper and set it on the piano, looked at the paper and plunked out a few notes. 

Alexander: This is my song I wrote. It's called "Trouble (treble?) in the bass."

Later I was talking to Lucas about this. I said. "He might be a genius." Lucas didn't hesitate: "A genius who can't put his poop in the toilet?"