Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pops!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hungry Enough to Eat.... *Updated*

Maggie must be going through a growth spurt. She cannot get enough to eat today. This morning, directly after eating two whole pieces of bread for a little pre-lunch snack, she was still hungry enough to open a bottle of sunscreen that she found in the diaper bag and start eating it. Gross. And scary. Poison Control reports that it's probably okay as long as she doesn't start throwing up in the next couple hours. 

My guess is that she's not about the throw up, because she's continually yelling "SNnnnn-AAaaaa-Ccckkkkk!" and asking for food. She must be about to grow a few inches. 


All is well; apparently Maggie has not been poisoned by the sunscreen.

I did think this was worth noting: two weeks ago at her well child check-up, Maggie's pediatrician specifically warned me that she thought Maggie was particularly vulnerable to getting into something poisonous. I'm not sure if the dr. ran a personality profile on Maggie or what, but she pegged it. The dr. even gave me the number to Poison Control, underlined on the follow-up sheet from the appointment, which is what I used to find the Poison Control phone number today to make the call.

This makes me think two things: 1) Maggie's pediatrician is really, really good. and 2) I obviously wasn't paying close enough attention to Maggie or her doctor.

Friday, February 20, 2009

At the Park

Heat Wave: 
Yesterday our outdoor temp hit 50 degrees for the first time since we got home in January, so we celebrated by going to the park. The kids were SO happy to be outside.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Joe and Tammy's visit: part one

This weekend we had some very special visitors: Joe and Tammy! Lucas' brother Joe and his new bride Tammy left sunny California to come to not-so-sunny Idaho, and we are SO glad they did! We spent most of our time hanging out at home: you know, that situation that is sort of boring and simultaneously not-so-boring (a.k.a. chaotic) when you have little ones around. We had such a special visit... AND Tammy experienced her first trip to a WalMart Supercenter. This is exciting stuff, folks. Here are a few shots of our fun times:

Joe wrote a special song for Maggie. She LOVED it! Joe also wrote a song for Max when he was a baby. Such special gifts.

Max was in heaven with his Uncle Joe here. They played a lot of "soldiers" and "Star Wars guys."

Joe and Tammy's visit: part two

On Sunday, we decided to trek up the mountains of Idaho to Bogus Basin ski area. Maggie had been sick and sooooo cranky all weekend, and she usually loves the car, so we thought the drive might give us a chance to visit better and then enjoy the beautiful snowy mountain and let Max play in the snow a bit. In retrospect, a couple of things we didn't account for:

1. Bogus Basin is a bit farther than we thought, so it was a little longer of a drive than we anticipated. That would have been fine, if not for #2:

2. Winding mountain roads + sick baby + car seat in the very back of the car = not a good idea.  Let's just say that not once, but twice, we cleaned up an obscene amount of vomit in the car. 

3. It was so brutally cold on the top of the mountain, that it was really too cold to even play out in the snow with Max. This was disturbing on a deeply personal level to Max. Fortunately, Uncle Joe manned up and took him out to play for about 3 minutes. The rest of us were way too wussy.

4. Our car does not do that great on ice and snow. It's something about how the weight is distributed. Joe ended up pushing us out of the parking lot when we were spinning our wheels, and we did some slipping and sliding on the way down the mountain that made me a little nervous... until the barfing began and I got distracted by that.

Even given these little obstacles, we had a fun and adventurous day. We heart Joe and Tammy.

Tammy in the cutest stocking cap ever made.

Max the abominable snow boy.

Don't let this face fool you. 

Hanging out at the lodge.

Ahhhh.... they're so cute!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hard News About Mom

Most of you have probably seen/heard by now about how mom's scan reports came back yesterday. The cancer has definitely moved into her brain, and requires immediate and aggressive treatment. She will most likely begin 15-18 straight days of whole brain radiation within the next 4 days. Her oncologist is very optimistic that this will take care of the immediate problems of the cancer in her brain and give her the potential of some more good days.

The worst news from yesterday (and I suppose I've reached a new low, when cancer in my mom's brain is not the worst news of the day.....) is that the progression of cancer to her brain means that she can no longer participate in the clinical trial for the drug RAD001. We really believe that this drug is probably one of the primary things God has used to give her these days of temporary remission. Many other patients with small cell lung cancer do not have the weeks and months that she has had of feeling so great before the cancer begins to progress again. We think that the RAD is most likely what has enabled that remission.

But we've known from the beginning that she would have to go off the RAD as soon as cancer progressed anywhere in her body. So now we are moving on to praying that radiation will not be too hard on her, and that she will have many more days of feeling good ahead after she completes this next round of treatment.

If you would like more details, visit http://vickidees.blogspot.com

Monday, February 09, 2009

Wanna see something C-R-A-Z-Y?

See this DVD cover? Yeah, that's my brother Tyler's and sis-in-law Meagan's bodies connected to Greg Kinnear and Radha Mitchell's heads.

Tyler and Meagan were asked by this fantastic photographer to do a photo shoot about a year and a half ago. They signed releases for the photographer to sell the images as stock photography in exchange for getting to keep all the images for their personal use. Well.... these images have sold tens of thousands of times, and now we see them in product packaging, on websites, everywhere. I have to admit that this DVD cover takes the cake, though. It is pretty weird to see my brother's body connected to the head of someone famous!

An Important Day

Tomorrow is an important day for my mom. She will have a full set of MRI scans and CT scans to see what is happening with her cancer. Her oncologist saw some spots on her last set of MRIs that led him to think it's possible that the cancer has spread into her brain. That was 3 weeks ago, and tomorrow's tests will confirm whether or not that is the case. 

If you think about it, will you pray about this with us? We are of course hoping and praying for clear scans tomorrow. But as my mom is so good at reminding us, whatever happens, we know this is all in the hands of a loving and sovereign Lord. 

Sunday, February 08, 2009

For Grandpa and Abuelita and all the party people at Uncle Raul's!

Say hi to everyone at the party for us, Grandpa and Abuelita!

                                            We love you, Grandpa Chaney and Abuelita!

Monday, February 02, 2009

California Friends: Don't Miss the World Premiere of Coyote County Loser!

To buy tickets to the World Premiere on February 19 in Southern California, click here. If you're anywhere within 1,000 miles, you won't want to miss it!

We're so proud of Jacob and Laura and all of their hard work to see this huge endeavor through to completion!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

And the Winner is....

Announcing the winner of the Precious Girls Club Giveaway:

Comment #29: The Buki Family!

Congrats, Buki Family! Thanks everyone for entering!

(Winner selected using Random.org.)