Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hard News About Mom

Most of you have probably seen/heard by now about how mom's scan reports came back yesterday. The cancer has definitely moved into her brain, and requires immediate and aggressive treatment. She will most likely begin 15-18 straight days of whole brain radiation within the next 4 days. Her oncologist is very optimistic that this will take care of the immediate problems of the cancer in her brain and give her the potential of some more good days.

The worst news from yesterday (and I suppose I've reached a new low, when cancer in my mom's brain is not the worst news of the day.....) is that the progression of cancer to her brain means that she can no longer participate in the clinical trial for the drug RAD001. We really believe that this drug is probably one of the primary things God has used to give her these days of temporary remission. Many other patients with small cell lung cancer do not have the weeks and months that she has had of feeling so great before the cancer begins to progress again. We think that the RAD is most likely what has enabled that remission.

But we've known from the beginning that she would have to go off the RAD as soon as cancer progressed anywhere in her body. So now we are moving on to praying that radiation will not be too hard on her, and that she will have many more days of feeling good ahead after she completes this next round of treatment.

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the schilps said...

"'for i know the plans i have for you,' declares the LORD." i rest in that riss. i know He knows. so sorry about this news. we are joining with you in the prayers for these next 15-18 days.
love you, friend.

Five Freddys said...

This is a tough turn. "On darker days My Peace stands out in sharp contrast to your circumstances." --Jesus Calling. Praying for you all to have the strength to practice Peace that overpowers darkness.

John and Janel Breitenstein said...

This is so hard to hear. May God's grace to you guys be even bigger... We love you.

Mom Keena said...

What tough news, Cherissa. I'll continue praying for you all, as you walk through this next phase of treatment. Hold tight to His hand!