Monday, February 23, 2009

Hungry Enough to Eat.... *Updated*

Maggie must be going through a growth spurt. She cannot get enough to eat today. This morning, directly after eating two whole pieces of bread for a little pre-lunch snack, she was still hungry enough to open a bottle of sunscreen that she found in the diaper bag and start eating it. Gross. And scary. Poison Control reports that it's probably okay as long as she doesn't start throwing up in the next couple hours. 

My guess is that she's not about the throw up, because she's continually yelling "SNnnnn-AAaaaa-Ccckkkkk!" and asking for food. She must be about to grow a few inches. 


All is well; apparently Maggie has not been poisoned by the sunscreen.

I did think this was worth noting: two weeks ago at her well child check-up, Maggie's pediatrician specifically warned me that she thought Maggie was particularly vulnerable to getting into something poisonous. I'm not sure if the dr. ran a personality profile on Maggie or what, but she pegged it. The dr. even gave me the number to Poison Control, underlined on the follow-up sheet from the appointment, which is what I used to find the Poison Control phone number today to make the call.

This makes me think two things: 1) Maggie's pediatrician is really, really good. and 2) I obviously wasn't paying close enough attention to Maggie or her doctor.


Five Freddys said...

Oh my word! The things they find and EAT! Glad there's no vomit...I guess!?

Amanda said...

Oh my goodnesss, that's funny, and kind of scary!

the schilps said...

oh my gosh, that made me laugh out loud... not the part about poison control. that's just plain scary. the part about maggie yelling "SSSSNNNAAAACCCCCK!" i can just here that. love it! so glad all is well.

Christine said...

Hilarious!!!!!! i can just picture it...good thing it didn't hurt her. the crazy things our kids consume...

Cindy McLean said...

You are an awesome Mom! It happens. I ate a bottle of bayer baby aspirin( orange sherbert is not my friend) I know a kiddo who ate lotion! Like the saying goes,"and this too shall pass." HA HA I saw your Mom at school this week (there for lunch) and saw both Mom and Dad at Walmart this evening...ask her about her Mardi Gras beads! Very festive!!!!!