Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Conversations with Max and Maggie

Me: Maggie, I really loved how you and Anna and Mikaiah all three played together so nicely today so that no one was left out.
Max: What's 'left out?'
Me: It means when some kids are playing together and they don't include all the kids in whatever they're doing. It can be especially tricky when there are three friends because two friends might play together and leave the other friend out. Next year when you're in school, I bet you'll get a lot of practice showing kindness by including all the kids– by helping make sure nobody gets left out.
Max: Or, I could just go play with the kid who's alone and being left out.
Lucas: That would be a very honorable thing to do. That would make me proud.
Maggie: (quickly interrupting, as if she's looking for some hypothetically honorable action she could contribute...) Well, if I'm in school and I see girls being silly, I'll just DO A BOOTY DANCE!!!

Oh, my.

Conversations with Maximus

On our way to the restroom in Sam's Club, Max spots a poster on the wall of their offices titled "Entrepreneur's Creed" with a picture of Sam Walton's face under the title.

Max: Look- There's Sam Walton.
Me: Max, how did you know that was Sam Walton?
Max: I just checked my brain.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Her Grandmama's Girl

Maggie spotted these 5-inch beauties in TJMaxx and just had to try them on. She looked up and said, "OOoooooh, Look, Mommy! These shoes totally fit me!"

She definitely did not get this shoe fetish from me. I'm pinning this one on Grandmama Vicki. :-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Conversations with Maximus

Max: I love this Batman shirt. I just LOVE Batman! What does 'love' mean, anyway?
Me: Well... it means you care deeply about something or someone. It's more than really, really liking something.
Max: (thinking for a moment) Huh. I really like Batman. But I love, LOVE God!

Monday, May 09, 2011

After a Week with Paul T. Semones

Max and Lucas just returned from a week-long road trip adventure to visit the Kennedy Space Center with our good friend Paul. I need get to some photos of their trip up here, but in the mean time, here are some of the things Max is saying since his return from studying all things NASA. Basically, he likes to use the word "engineer" as many times as possible in any given sentence:

Max: Mommy, come look at the tall castle I built. At first I didn't have it properly engineered. I didn't have it built right on the bottom to make it work on the top. But then I engineered it and added these parts at the bottom so that it would work.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Getaway ideas

Lucas and I are hoping to take a trip together before baby #3 arrives. Does anybody out there have recommendations for an affordable, relaxing destination? I would love a beach, but our budget is pretty tight and so we'll need to drive there from NWA. I'm willing to get creative, though. So if anybody knows of any scientific studies in teleportation that would to take us from Arkansas to, say, the Canary Islands, Spain or Goa, India or Anguilla for a week... I think we'd consider giving it a shot. :-)

Seriously, though... any good ideas for getaways out there, friends?

Jenna-Clare is publishing her first novel!

My dear friend and college roommate Jenna-Clare is publishing her first novel! Check it out: click this link and like her page, and/or pledge some support to help her reach her publishing goals and get a first-run copy of the book! So excited for J-C!