Monday, December 30, 2013

Play Therapy

I understand why therapists use play therapy to work with children- watching them play can be an insightful lookinto their   life experiences and thought processes. Over this Christmas break, Max and Maggie have been playing a game they made up called "City of Today" where they use chocolate gold coins to buy and sell goods and services from each other. I remember playing something very similar with my brothers when we were children. 

In the game, max owns a little shop called "Max's 1 to 5 Sale" and a movie theater and Maggie owns a broadway theater (no surprise) and a vet clinic. I overheard max say this as they were hashing out the pricing at the vet clinic:

"How much it costs depends on how serious the sickness is. Cancer costs 5, a serious seizure costs 4, a not-so-serious seizure costs 3, and other stuff like colds cost 2."

Interesting insight into medical conditions that he has personally encountered that made an impact on him. Also interesting that Xander's terrifying-but-harmless febrile seizure happened exactly one year ago today. 

It all reminds me that raising children is a scary, thrilling, humorous,  intriguing, humbling, joyful experience every day.