Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Conversations with Max and Maggie

Me: Maggie, I really loved how you and Anna and Mikaiah all three played together so nicely today so that no one was left out.
Max: What's 'left out?'
Me: It means when some kids are playing together and they don't include all the kids in whatever they're doing. It can be especially tricky when there are three friends because two friends might play together and leave the other friend out. Next year when you're in school, I bet you'll get a lot of practice showing kindness by including all the kids– by helping make sure nobody gets left out.
Max: Or, I could just go play with the kid who's alone and being left out.
Lucas: That would be a very honorable thing to do. That would make me proud.
Maggie: (quickly interrupting, as if she's looking for some hypothetically honorable action she could contribute...) Well, if I'm in school and I see girls being silly, I'll just DO A BOOTY DANCE!!!

Oh, my.


Jonathan said...

Oh, my, indeed. And I suspect Grace shares her philosophy. ;)

Soaring High said...

you have 2 very different and amazing kids. It'll be fun to see what #3 is like.

The Frugal Muse said...

My exact internal response to the "booty dance" comment went like this:

1. Oh, my.
2. Where in the WORLD did you learn the phrase "booty dance"??
3. Oh, my.

Many years of fun ahead with this spunky little gal. I sure love her.

kathy said...

Hahaaha! LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

Laughing so hard! I love her!

Aunt Laura said...

For the record, she did not learn about booty dancing during her one week with Aunt Laura.

Rachel said...

That sounds like Faith!!! She does a "booty dance" but she gets it from Madagascar's song "I like to 'Booty Booty'" (I don't know how it changed from "Move it, move it to Booty Booty.) It is a little bit weird when she talks about doing a Booty Dance.