Friday, June 20, 2008

The Shut-Ins Emerge

After a final trip to the doctor today (visit number three this week for Max!), we got the "all-clear" that Max was definitely not contagious in any way and that (with the help of one final type of medicine to put in his eye), he should be back to 100% within a couple of days. His eye is already looking much better, and he is back to his normal self and feeling great! (although a week of getting to do basically whatever he wanted (i.e. watch movies all day) because he didn't feel good enough to do anything else is leaving us with a little catch-up to do in the obedience/ attitude department!)

So with Maximus feeling so much better... Max, Maggie and I emerged from the house for basically the first time all week (except for doctor, pharmacy and wal-mart runs). Brian and Christine invited us over to Brian's parents house to cook out and let the kids play, and it was SUCH a nice time. Maximus and I were both getting a little tired of each other, so he LOVED playing with Anna and Jakin, and I loved visiting with all the Matchells. I thanked them profusely for their ministry to the "Shut-Ins." (Am I the only one who went to a church growing up where we prayed for the "shut-ins," people who were too sick to leave their homes?) At any rate, these Roebuck Shut-Ins were REALLY glad to get out of the house and visit with some friends tonight. Thanks, Matchells!!

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Jonathan said...


I am sooo glad you got out of the house. Sometimes I get tired of my mom, too. I hope you feel better and that it's not too hard to obey after being sick for a long time. I have a hard time obeying after I've been sick for awhile, too!