Thursday, June 26, 2008

Conversations with Maximus

(While Changing an EXPLOSIVE dirty diaper on Max, after just changing another dirty diaper on him just 20 minutes ago)

Me: Maximus, how do you get SO much poop into this diaper SO quickly?!?

Maximus (with a big grin): TURBO POOP!

[Note: If you taught Max the concept of "turbo poop," please reveal yourself! Otherwise, I'm fearing the worst here... that he came up with this idea all on his own. In that case... it appears that we have crossed the threshold into "littleboyhood," and there is no turning back!"]


Brandy Roebuck said...

It only gets better with the things that will come out of his mouth :) Jackson embarrasses us all the time.


Cindy McLean said...

Cherissa, Do you know how much you mean to me? Sometime email me so I can explain,cry, and just let you know that I love you guys very much! Hey any more new teeth from Maggie??

Sarahndipity said...

Someday when you need a good laugh, let me tell you the story about the 'poop gun'. Believe me, boys are born this way!

Mom Keena said...

You will absolutely love "littleboyhood"!!! I promise!