Sunday, June 08, 2008

First round of chemo completed

My mom completed her first round of chemotherapy this week. She went in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the chemo, and has had a rough couple of days this weekend. Today was the first day that she started to feel a little better. She seemed to have to choose between either: a) being extremely nauseated and throwing up, or b) taking both anti-nausea medications simultaneously and being knocked out. She opted for being knocked out (I would, too!) even though she hated being asleep for literally 20 hours a day for about three days. We are hoping that today is the start of two weeks of good days. I missed her during those three days she was asleep!

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Sarahndipity said...

So glad to hear your mom was feeling better today! I continue to sit at the Father's feet on behalf of your family. Love you so much, Sarah