Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poor Little Guy

Hey, friends. Sorry this seems to have become the "How's Maximus' health" blog this week.  We're still trying to kick this thing, but we seem to have had a little improvement this morning. He had a little bit of an appetite for the first time in days.

Please keep praying for him to improve. He's still running a temperature, and I'm most concerned about his eye. Here are some pictures of what the poor little guy looks like.


Jonathan said...

Dear Maximus,

We have been praying for you. Yesterday, we thanked God for healing you. Today, Mommy wanted to pray for you to be healed again, and I told her, "God already healed Maximus!" But she says you are still sick. I'm so sorry, little buddy. We'll keep praying.

The last time my eyes were goopy, Mommy made me hold slices of apple on my hurting eyes. And she gave me M&Ms for doing it. Just thought I'd mention that so maybe your mom would give you M&Ms.

Miss you!


Diane said...

Oh, poor Maximus!!! Makes me want to cry. Is his eye starting to heal? Praying for him tonight.