Friday, September 19, 2008

Our LIttle Cubbie

Maximus started AWANA this week! He is the very youngest in his little cubbies class, but I am so excited to have this structured way to help him learn God's word! I am helping in the class, so I even have my very own Cubbies polo. Swanky. At least Max thinks so. He has asked me every day this week if I can wear my cubbies shirt today.

Maximus was so excited about started AWANA, that when he saw the parent's handbook I had on the table, he asked me to read it to him three times. It was not riveting material, but he was very attentive as I read him the rules for cubbies class and all about what we would be doing. I think he just wanted to know what would be expected of him!

He he is with his fellow cubbies.

Max takes on the big kid in the balloon fight.


Stephanie said...

How fun! I used to help out with the Sparks and that was soo much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I know all the AWANA songs and will be thrilled to sing them with Max this time next week.
aunt Laura

Pat, Sarah, & Will Smits.... said...

I sooo want Will to be in this but could not find ANYWHERE around here that would take him at his age! I was willing to volunteer at someone else's church so he could go!

We got my nephews old book so we could work on it with him at home!

It is such a great program... it is amazing what my neices and nephews know from the scriptures through this program.

Allison Bellomy said...

looks like tons of fun...we might sign Jackson up ( i should have already by now!) I know he would love it too! hope all is well!

amandromeda said...

I was in cubbies when I was little! Memories. I loved it and I know that Max will grow to have such a great love for scripture because of it.