Monday, September 01, 2008

Aunt Thelda

My great Aunt Thelda is in serious condition at a hospital in Arkansas after suffering a major stroke and a broken hip. Her children are in the terrible place of having to make some very hard decisions about her medical care. Please pray that they will have wisdom to make the right choices.

Aunt Thelda is my grandma's sister, and especially since my grandma died about 8 years ago, Aunt Thelda has been like a grandmother to me.  Actually, she's been like a grandmother to me since long before my grandma died. She and my grandma were both widowed at middle age and were inseparable for decades. Nearly all of my fantastic memories of time spent with my grandma include Aunt Thelda as well.

I am completely torn up about this news of Aunt Thelda's failing health. Even though she is 85 and I knew this day was coming soon, it has hit me hard. I feel bombarded by reasons why I should be in Arkansas and not here in Idaho, and this is the straw to break the camel's back. But I am constantly reminding myself that God has Lucas and me in Idaho for a very specific purpose right now, even though it is not where I want to be.

Please pray for Aunt Thelda and all of her family, immediate and extended. There are so many people who love this lady, and there are many hurting hearts right now as a result.


Rita said...

I'm praying for you Riss...I know it's so hard when you want to be somewhere other than where God wants you. But I know you know that He knows best. And even if you were in Arkansas, you couldn't do much for this situation other than pray, and you can do that just as well (and maybe better!) in Idaho. Love you!

Cindy McLean said...

Will definetly continue lifting your family up in prayer! We all have "grandparents" (whether they were by blood or choice)that we have such wonderful memeories of. Keep those close to your heart. Someday, Maggie and Max's children will say the same about you and their uncles! Kinda keeps that "circle of life" thing going on,doesn't it? God hears your prayers no matter where you are my friend, and He knows you want to be here but He has a very important job there for you! Love you! Cindy Mclean

the schilps said...

oh i echo rita's comment. it seems you are in a place of hurting, rissa. and that is always a place that we would not likely choose. i am glad He holds you, and will continue to pray you feel that. i am praying for aunt thelda, as well. she is, no doubt, great!
love you.

Anonymous said...

Precious Rissa...
I am aching for your emotions right now. I am praying for Aunt Thelda and her condition. Truely for those who must make decisions on her behalf.

You are a very compassionant family member and are carrying alot right now.

Give yourself a break and drop the potty training for a couple of weeks....tnydwgz

Casey said...

Having recently lost a grandma myself, I know how you must feel. I'm praying for you, sweet friend.