Friday, September 05, 2008

How Maggie Spent her First Birthday

I'm about a week past due getting this posted, but better late than never!

Here's how Maggie spent her first birthday, last Thursday:

Maggie started her day with a rare treat of coming to bed with her mommy and daddy early in the morning. She was having a rough morning because a teeny tiny tooth was just poking through her top gums. By the end of her first birthday, she had a nice third addition to her tooth collection.

Maximus gave Maggie a nice big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" wake-up call. Maggie didn't really want to wake up. She likes this sleeping in mommy's bed business. Too bad. :-)

Awake and happy!

After a morning birthday photo shoot, we returned to our normal look for lunch. These pastas are superb for putting in one's hair.

After lunch we went and walked around a little downtown park by the river in our little town.

The weather was beautiful and Max did some training for his favorite individual olympic sport: Throwing Rocks in Water.

It was a great birthday day! I guess we're still in the birthday spirit around here... Since we celebrated Maggie's birthday last week, Max has been throwing pretend birthday parties for his robots and soldiers. Pretty cute.

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