Monday, September 08, 2008

Hallelujah, We've had a Breakthrough

If any of you are on the brink of potty training in your house, I beg you to run as fast as you can (okay, or drive) to your library or bookstore and get this book: Toilet Training in Less Than A Day.

I was skeptical. Now I am a believer. After three weeks of absolute failure at potty training with Max, I read this book and gave their system a shot yesterday afternoon. After only 15 minutes of going through the process from the book, Max sat on the potty and immediately went. I could not believe it. Less than an hour later, he had gone SEVEN more times and was initiating pottying on his own.

Here's my disclaimer: It has been about 30 hours, and uh, no, we are not finished potty training. That's okay, I wasn't actually taking the title of the book literally, although I'm told it can be done. For us, I was just thrilled that we made leaps and bounds in one day after weeks of nothing!


Jonathan said...

Yay Max! Yay Cherissa! It took us more than a day, too, but I'm sure you're on the home stretch. Yay!!!

Sarahndipity said...

That's great, Rissa! Don't you feel like you all have just conquered the world? Way to go Max!

Pat, Sarah, & Will Smits.... said...

YEAH!!! SOOO Glad it worked for you!

I am still amazed when Will goes to the potty! Funny how exciting this is to us moms! Never would have thought about it being SUCH a BIG accomplishment before kids!

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT news! Thrilled for you and Max both.
Aunt Suzie

christine matchell said...

Yeah Max!!!! What a big boy!! Isn't it just amazing how much older it makes them seem?! Glad you had success with the book--unfortunately, it was a wretched experience for us, but Anna has since overcome. :)