Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I would never have survived the Oregon Trail

The sheer volume of the stuff is embarrassing. We're packing our bags and heading to California to add our final sister-in-law to the Huckaby/Roebuck family: The Fabulous Tammy!! (Yes, for those of you counting, Joe and Tammy's wedding marks our FIFTH brother to get married since January of last year). We're so happy for Joe and Tammy that we are practically moving to California to celebrate. At least our luggage pile makes it look like we're moving. :-) 

Lucas will only get to stay a few days, then he will be flying back to Idaho to bring home the bacon so the kids and I can stay and party in California for another week. What a good hubby.We are going to have some pretty exciting stuff going on in California and we can hardly wait: 

1. Joe and Tammy's wedding in Huntington Beach! I'm not sure if this is still true... but we heard a rumor that In N Out Burgers will be served at the reception. Yum. Oh, and Lucas and Max will be in the ceremony!

2. Maximus' third birthday party AT DISNEYLAND!! Our friend Jim is the absolute best for getting us free admission. Max is beyond excited. He is smack in the middle of the perfect age to experience the Disney Magic.

3. GIRL'S WEEKEND AWAY!  In one of the biggest personal treats of all time, I will be meeting up with three of my favorite gals in the world for a weekend on the coast without kids. Grandpa Chaney and Abuelita are going to be bonding with Max and Maggie, and I will be hanging out at the beach with friends and trying desperately to think of a way to adequately thank Chaney and Maria! :-)


christine matchell said...

Wait a second--I'm not going to be there, so how can you be going with your three favorites?!! Just kidding--a girl's weekend will be AMAZING!!! enjoy every second!! Tell Max that Jakin, Anna, and Mikaiah said happy birthday and to say hello to Mickey for them!! (or any other cool character he sees!) :)

Jonathan said...

Hooray for #3! Yahoo, can't wait!