Friday, September 05, 2008

Conversations with Maximus

[Maximus is eating his lunch and listening to something about Jesus on the radio]

Maximus:[gasp!]  I heard "Jesus Christ!"
Me: I heard that, too. What do you know about Jesus Christ?
Maximus: He died on the cross to take care of all the robots.
Me: Hmmm..... yes, he died on the cross because he loves Maximus.
Maximus: He takes care of Maximus from all the robots.
Me: Um... Yes, he takes care of Max and protects Max.
Maximus: From all the robots.
Me: [sigh] I suppose we'll move on for now.


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That is hilarious. I have one.

Monroe to "Tia" - my aunt: "I growed...and growed...and growed...then, POOF! I turned into a person!"