Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quote of the Day

(After finding some coins in our bedroom)

Maximus: "After Daddy's monies are all gone, I will give him these monies to buy some food."

In that case, buddy, it might be time to fork over the coins. :-)


Stephanie said...

You are crackin me up today!!!

Anonymous said...

Cherissa! We're back. I loved that Max wanted to help the family. Remember what Monroe wanted to buy when she found the coins in the couch? A dress. Strange - I just noticed she has that very dress on now! Hey - wanna come out and watch the Olympics with us on our real, live T.V.?!?!? You pick the event and we'll pop popcorn and make a night of it. Too bad Alicia Sacramone biffed it up for the US gals gymnastics last night. Poor thing. What pressure. I have Phelps Phever. Those arms! We lived on the Cheerios in the motel room for brkfsts, and only had to take 1 of th 3 pks of dipes you gave us - WOW! thanks again- mollie