Friday, August 01, 2008

Fun with Friends

We've had a couple of fun days with friends around here! Last night we had some friends over and the kids had a blast playing while we tried our best to manage a few cohesive sentences of adult conversation among the parents. It's nice (in a chaotic sort of way) to be around other families with kids in the same stage as ours, because there seems to be an understanding that the expectations aren't too high. Gourmet meal? Probably not. Deep and lengthy conversations about Very Important Subjects? Doubtful. An evening spent together? Lots of laughter? Soft and delicious brownies? Check, check, check. A successful evening indeed.

Then today the kids and I joined our play group at an incredible park that we had never been to. Seriously, every town should model after this park. It had a waterpark area, a sound garden with huge musical instruments, a rock climbing area and playground equipment for all age groups. It was a blast, and we are so enjoying our play group made up mostly of moms who are faculty or adjunct faculty at NNU. A great group of gals and kids!

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