Monday, August 04, 2008

Kum Ba Ya Here we come

The Roebucks are heading to camp. After a short drive to the mountains (and cooler temperatures!), we'll be settling in for a week of family camp with our church. We're so looking forward to it!

It's been a little hectic/ challenging to pack for two adults and two little munchkins for the rustic camp setting. Things like no baths, only showers, will probably make it a little crazy for kids who ONLY like to take baths. And it's amazing how much the luggage amount increases when you have to pack bedding for four people along with all the other clothes and gear needed for a week away from home!  

The speaker for the week is a professor from Moody Bible Institute, and Lucas and I are both looking forward to some real spiritual nourishment this week as well as some concentrated time with our little family and new friends from church. 

Lucas is even leaving behind his Mac– voluntarily! Those of you who know Lucas know this is a big deal. We've been married five years, and I have never seen him without his computer for a week. :-)

Lake, campfire, nature and campsongs: We're on our way!


Allison Bellomy said...

no mac???? i can't believe it! :) hope yall have a great time!!

the schilps said...

sigh. there is something about the woods that just exudes relaxation. i hope you are overwhelmed by it. i wish our families could cozy up to a fire and talk for a while.
love to you, friend.