Friday, August 08, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We're home! We had a great week at camp, but decided to pull out a day early and head home. None of us were sleeping well at all in our little bunk room on 1 inch foam mattresses with the kids waking each other up all through the night. We knew the kids were on the verge of meltdown, so we decided to leave while we were ahead.

We left after the evening service last night and drove down the mountain. We were all tucked snug in bed by midnight... Well, the kids and I were snug in bed. Those of you who know Lucas know that midnight is far too early to go to sleep. As Lucas crawled into bed a little later, he told me how nice it was to be back in his own bed. He mused at the fact that when he was single, he slept on one of those 1 inch mattresses on the floor every night, and never thought anything of it. Now that he's been sleeping in a nice cozy bed for five years, he's a little bit more spoiled. :-)

After a great night's sleep for everyone at home, we knew it was a good choice to come home last night. The kids are happy to be back home, and we scrubbed them down in the bath this morning to remove all the camp grime that they had accumulated.

But all in all, we had a great week at camp!

Maximus' favorite part of camp: Miniature Golf! He played multiple times everyday!

Maggie's favorite part of camp: Snuggling with all the little girls who ADORED her:

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