Monday, August 25, 2008

Building Bears with Grandmama

Today we went to Build-a-Bear Workshop and made two little stuffed buddies for Maximus and Maggie, each complete with a beating heart and a kiss from Grandmama! A good friend gave us such a thoughtful gift: a gift card to Build-a-Bear to help make something with Grandmama. It was a special day!

Tough decisions

Maggie and her new bunny, Madeline.

Stuffing Max's new turtle, Squirt.

Making Squirt a birth Certificate.

Taking the new buddies home!


Stephanie said...

You guys seem to be having sooo much fun! How awesome!!!! I'm glad y'all are getting this time together!!!!

Mom Keena said...

What a fun day!

Casey said...

What a fun day! That turtle cracks me up.