Wednesday, January 06, 2010

We Interrupt this Holiday Recap to Bring You...

... Artwork by Max.

Yes, I realize that I am probably the only human on the planet who loves looking at these drawings that Max has been doing over the last couple of days. Perhaps a grandparent or an aunt or uncle might have a mild level of interest. :-)

I have been so proud of how Max's drawings are starting to take shape. I have no idea how he compares to other 4 year olds in this arena- all of you moms of other preschoolers: please just smile and nod and humor me since your kids have probably been drawing like this for the past two years!

But for Max, this is the first time I have been able to really recognize the things he is drawing. It's so fun to see physical representations of what is going on in that active little imagination of his!

Here are some drawings he did yesterday and today, and his description of each:

"Pirate on a pirate ship with two swords."
(I particularly loved his hat and the three masts on the top of the ship)

"A Veggie Tale pirate"

"A treasure box with pieces of gold treasure inside, and (on the right) right there I wrote the pirate's name: Dark Validi"

"This is IronMan. I drew him for Addison and Preston because they love Superheros."


Jonathan's Mom said...

These are great, Cherissa. Love Max's drawings. Jonathan has yet to draw a person, so I'll enjoy Max's people. :) I'm so happy for all the sweet times you've had with your family this Christmas!

Erin said...

I love these! I even think there's some perspective on that boat!

My parents kept artwork over the years, and this year my sister and I complied our favorites into one of those Apple books for my parents as kind of a thank you for always encouraging and praising our creative endeavors (and putting up with the messes which ensued).

I'm sure Max would love to see some of his early drawings some day too :)