Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy 35th Birthday, Lucas!

Happy Birthday, Lucas!

Today is Lucas' 35th birthday. His choice for a birthday celebration? A night at Chuck E. Cheese's with the kids! Of course Max and Maggie were thrilled with their introduction to the world of Chuck E. Cheese. And the birthday boy had a great time enjoying all the games with the kids.

For his Daddy's birthday, Max wrote him a story. He worked really hard on it. He chose the theme, the plot and dictated the story to me sentence by sentence. Then he illustrated each page. Literally the only input I had was to type the words and print it out. I was so proud of him- I could tell he wanted to do something really special for his Daddy's birthday, and Lucas LOVED it.

I'll post the story so that you can see. Here's a picture of Lucas opening up Maximus' gift:

Happy Birthday, Lucas/Daddy! We love you!

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