Friday, January 08, 2010

Holiday Recap #5: WHITE CHRISTMAS!

We had the most wonderful Christmas day! This Christmas brought two new firsts to our family: Our first Christmas to spend in our own home with both our kids, and our first WHITE CHRISTMAS!

In fact, as I got to thinking about it, in my 30 years of life, this was my first real White Christmas! I couldn't remember one, but I thought maybe I had just forgotten. So I did some research online and it confirmed that there had not been any White Christmases in the years I've lived in Arkansas, and there was only one Christmas where there was snow on the ground in the Tulsa area in the early 80s- but no snowfall on that day. So this was it, the first real white Christmas for me!

For several weeks leading up to Christmas, Maximus had been telling Lucas and I that it would not be Christmas until it snowed. He was convinced that was how he would know it was Christmas day. We tried to tell him that it usually did not snow on Christmas in Arkansas, but he would not be persuaded. You can imagine his glee when he woke up first thing Christmas morning to find snow! When he woke up, he climbed up on his bed and looked out the window, then ran into our room and exclaimed, "Christmas is here! There is snow everywhere! And Santa already came!" It was like a hallmark commercial. So magical for him- and I won't ever forget how precious it was!

We had a fantastic day together with just the four of us. We never left the house except to go out in the snow for a few minutes. Can't remember the last time we did that- it was such a great day. Here are a few pics:

A magical Christmas morning for Max.

Checking out the SNOW!


Christmas morning.

"It's Tinkerbell, Lost Treasure!"


Back into the warm to play with Christmas gifts:

Our first family board game: Candy Land.

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Anonymous said...

COOL! The Lego Star Wars!! How neat. Aidan has many, many of those!! And, of course, I could pass up the black & red "Lego Star Wars" shirt I found at Walmart! How neat that you got snow!! And you would think since we are in Montana that we would've had a white Christmas!! And, it was a left over skiff from a few days before...
Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures!!