Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Holiday Recap #3: Susan's Party

In the midst of all the holiday celebrations, we got to celebrate my niece Susan's 9th birthday! Erick and Brandy hosted a tea party at the English Tea Room- SUCH a great idea to make a little girl's birthday extra special!

Maggie, of course, was thrilled to be a part of the tea party:

Maggie with the birthday girl. You can't tell that she enjoyed the treats, can you? :-)

My mom was able to come to Susan's party as well- Maggie loved sharing the tea party experience with her Grandmama.

Susan blows out her candle...

... and opens her gifts!

I love living close enough to Susan and Jackson to be a part of everyday life instead of just getting to see them a couple times a year. Susan was the sweetest little birthday lady, and Maggie and I were glad to get to be at her party!

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