Monday, January 04, 2010

Holiday Recap #1: THANKGIVING!

Okay, everyone. Time for this slacker blogger to get everyone caught up on Roebuck life and times over the holidays. We've had a GREAT holiday season. Here are some of the highlights, starting with Thanksgiving:

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we were able to get together with my parents and siblings for a great Thanksgiving meal, prepared by master chef Vicki Dees. We were all so grateful to be together, and especially for the fact that my mom was feeling so well that she did all the cooking and hostessing!

Mom checking the temp of the cooked Turkey to make sure my dad knew that it was safe to eat. He gets a little concerned about undercooked food, so she had to put his mind at ease. :-)

Three precious cousins. These two little guys can do no wrong in Max's eyes.

The whole crew!

Lucas and I were thrilled to get to have two of his brothers and their wives in Siloam for Thanksgiving. We had SUCH a good time! Thank you, Jacob and Laura and Keith and Erin for sharing Thanksgiving with us! Our good friend Pam also came to spend the holiday with us, and we were so glad to get to see her as well!

Traditional Thanksgiving Day Football Game

Fun with Uncle Keith and Aunt Erin!

Uncle Jake and Uncle Keith know just what little boys love. They took Max to Walmart and got him a Hot Wheels race track- his first introduction to Hot Wheels. Commander Murray was also with us for Turkey Day and helped show Max the ropes. :-)


Two of my precious sisters-in-law. We had some great girl time together.

A visit to Grandma Huckaby at the rehab hospital.

Night out in Rogers with some of the the RoeHucks.

Even though we couldn't be with the WHOLE Huckaby family this year for Thanksgiving, we still managed to get a family portrait via iChat! :-) We still didn't get everyone in this shot... next time hopefully we can get Joe and Tammy and Erick, Brandy, Susan and Jackson, too.


Five Freddys said...

Love this - and I love that the girl who grew up with so many brothers has so many sisters now! Sweet!

Erin said...

Thanks for the recap! I had fun all over again looking at photos :)

Southern Belle said...

What a neat post and it was nice to see pictures of Eric. I am so glad he was able to spend Thanksgiving with you all.

Christine = )

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Sorry we missed it! Give hugs to your cute family for us!

Tammy and Joe