Tuesday, July 01, 2008

When the Abnormal becomes Normal

Dad, Mom and I left the house at 7 this morning to go to the oncology clinic in Fayetteville for Mom's MRI. My mom really struggles with claustrophobia, so she had taken a sedative-type medication when we left the house so that she would be calm and settled when we arrived for the MRI.

My dad dropped us off at the front door of the clinic, and I helped my mom into the building as she was already feeling a little woozy from the medication. She smiled at me and said, "Things you never thought you would be doing, huh?"

I looked around at the oncology clinic waiting room and realized that it has become quite a familiar place to our family. I've known several families who have experienced cancer, but until it invaded my family, I never could have known how cancer turns the world as you know it upside down.

MRI, chemotherapy, anti-nausea medications, blood tests, doctors visits, calls to and from the nurses... these are the events that seem to fill our days with my mom right now. And in between all of these medical procedures, we are squeezing in some sweet and meaningful moments every day. 

There truly is joy in the journey, not matter how difficult; and I would not trade a second of the time I've had here with my mom.


Anonymous said...

Rissa, you are precious. I am so thankful that you were able to be there with your Mom and Dad. God Bless your precious family.
Vivian Padgett

Anonymous said...

Cherissa, how difficult it must be but so thankful you and your family are choosing to rely on Christ. You all are truly an inspiration and witness to us all! Praying you'll continue to find the joy and sweet memories through it all. In Him, Jenna Hall

Stephanie said...

What amazes me is how quickly it all becomes normal! I just walk right past the receptionist and she lets the doctors know I'm there, and don't have to sign in for any of my doctor's appointments anymore. It's crazy!!

-Stephanie Bradley