Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Works for me Wednesday: Waffle Edition

Am I the last person in the world to figure this out? I have recently discovered that waffles can be reheated in the toaster and come out the perfect crispy-on-the-inside and soft-on-the-outside combination. I knew, of course, about good old store-bought frozen waffles that you could heat up in the toaster, but it had never occurred to me to do this with my own homemade (well, alright... baking mix made) waffles.

Here's what I've been doing lately, waffle-wise:

1. Mix up a big batch of waffle batter and make the entire batch into waffles.
2. My family eats the waffles they want for breakfast, and the remaining waffles go into a plastic zipper bag and into the fridge.
3. When we're ready for waffles again, I toss them in the toaster one slice at a time and they come out steamy, fresh and perfect!

That's what works for me!

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Annikke said...

Thanks for the tip! We love waffles in my house, I will have to try this idea. What is your favorite waffle recipe. My favorite can be found on my blog if you are interested (you'll have to look hard to find it becuase I can't remember when I posted it! Sorry!) Or email me and I can give it to you!

The Hargett Family said...

Cherissa -- this also works for pancakes and french toast -- When I make waffles, pancakes or french toast, I make a big huge batch -- then freeze them. For the pancakes and french toast, I just wrap them in a paper towel and heat for like 30-60 seconds. I figured if they can sell it in the freezer aisle, then it would work at home, too!

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I do this with waffles, too. I make a huge batch and then freeze them in "serving sizes" for the kids in ziplock baggies. Makes school mornings easy - with a homemade breakfast to boot!