Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Conversations with Maximus

Max: (while looking at one of Maggie's baby pictures on the wall) Maggie was born in Idaho.
Me: That's right, Max. Maggie was born in Idaho, and you were born in Arkansas.
Max: (after thinking for a few seconds) When I go to Arkansas, I go to the doctor to feel better.

Poor kid, he's been terribly sick every time we've been to Arkansas in the last year (three times). We need to go back and have a visit that he doesn't associate with having to go to the doctor over and over!

P.S. And in other major news in Max's life: Wall-E. That's all this already-robot-crazed kid needed. We have all already been to see it twice "for Max."  Finally Lucas has a legitimate excuse to see multiple showings of Pixar films!

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Sarahndipity said...

Our boys are one in the same! We took Ethan to see Wall-E on Monday! He was most impressed by the enormous trash structures.