Friday, July 11, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Well, friends- I have been humbled yet again.  I lost the wager about the line for the new iPhones at the AT&T store in a big way. When Lucas and Max got to the store at 7:45, the line was already wrapped around the store to the back of the building. The manager had just come out and counted down the line to the cutoff point for the number of phones they had in stock, and it was only a third of the way through the line.

I've learned my lesson- I will never again bet against my husband concerning anything related to technology!


Anonymous said...

Max looks happy regardless. I saw a line close to the house and thought people were lined up for a new game at the game store. Then I heard on the radio about the phone and remembered seeing an ATT store next to the game store. So it is happening everywhere I suppose. Hope you didn't wager big!

Aunt Suzie

Sarahndipity said...

He didn't even get a phone? You both lost today :(
Ryan's been drooling over the 3G, but we just switched to Verizon at work. You can tell Lucas that if it would cheer him up.

Anonymous said...

Oh well! Didn't end up being a great day to own a new iphone anyway..I believe it was referenced as ipocalipse.

Maybe today. :-)