Friday, July 18, 2008

A Passing Thought

Tonight as Lucas and I were walking to the car with the two kids, I had a somewhat random thought. And it shook me to the core. Well, maybe not to the inner core, but perhaps to the outer part of the core.

Anyway, For some reason unbeknownst to me, I suddenly remembered two different gals that I knew years ago who had babies born 11 months apart. Maggie will be 11 months old next week.

Let's put that on the top of my list of things I am reasonably certain I would not be able to handle: bringing home a newborn next week with an almost 3-year-old and an 11 month old.

To all you women out there who could handle/ have handled babies 11 months apart: I applaud you. But I am sure thankful that it's not me right now. I get exhausted just thinking about it.

These are the random things that I waste mental energy thinking about. I don't know why. But I do.


Sarahndipity said...

Well, I applaude you for having yours only two years apart! I was not built for such things. At times, I question why I only waited three years!

Anonymous said...

We miss Maggie and Max already. Growth and Development in children is such a blessing!


the schilps said...

my friends baby, who has a son that is 3 and another the exact same age as asher and maggie, is due in september. 13 months. i applaud her everyday. i am with you, sister. give me time.