Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Double the Fun

We are a two iPhone family now. Given the state of our poor-ness... this seems a little ridiculous to me. But after much deliberation, Lucas and I both thought that getting the second phone was a good choice. 

AT&T offered existing iPhone owners the option of upgrading to the new iPhone for the same price as a new customer who had to sign a new 2 year commitment. Ever since Max threw my phone into the bathtub last year, I have been using a bottom-of-the-line Nokia ("candy bar phone," as Lucas called it) that was the free phone four years ago. Not pretty, especially since it did not work well and I could often barely hear on it. 

So we were looking at having to buy me a new phone anyway since we don't have a land line and use our cells as our main lines. But I wasn't up for a phone upgrade for at least another year and the cost to buy even another bottom-of-the-line phone without the new phone plan would cost close to the reduced price on the new iPhone. 

Blah, blah, blah.... long story short: we took the plunge to become a two- iPhone family. Lucas got the snazzy new white iPhone 3G, and I got his old iPhone. Max couldn't be happier.

Yesterday after all the iPhone purchasing was complete, Max saw the AT&T logo and pointed to it. I said, "That says, 'AT&T.'" He said (very authoritatively) "No, Mama. That says 'iPhone Store.'" 


Stephanie said...

Max is destined to be the future spokesperson for Apple!!

Mom Keena said...

Hi! Jim will be pastoring the Evangelical Free Church of Bozeman. He officially begins work next Monday, so we've had a week to settle in and learn our way around. I know you all are in Idaho, right? If you ever head this way to ski or to Yellowstone, let us know. We'd love to see you and meet your kiddos!