Friday, March 05, 2010

This is one Super Mom

Just had to take two seconds this morning to post this picture: visual proof of what we all know about Chris Matchell's crazy good kid-wrangling skills:

We had a super fun couple of hours yesterday doing a little photo shoot with the Matchell kids and then playing outside on a gorgeous day. I have to agree with Maggie's assessment of this family yesterday:

"I love Anna. I love Jakin. He THE BEST!" That's basically the way we feel about all this whole family.

On another note, If we come to your mind today, please pray for our little family. We have had such a tough time staying well for the past couple weeks! Lucas has been really sick for the past couple days, and I have been struggling with a terrible cough. I'm leading worship at the SCCC women's conference tomorrow, and I would really appreciate your prayers that I will have enough singing voice to do it, and that Lucas will feel well enough to keep the kids all day so I can be at the conference! I have been praying, and I've asked a lot of other people to be praying for this, so I know God is going to take care of all of it!


Anonymous said...

You're in our prayers, Cherissa!

Allison Bellomy said...

She is a SUPER MOM! i love that family too! praying for all of you.

christine said...

You are hilarious. Having your sweet kids around makes it easy to "wrangle" them! And the feeling of love is very mutual. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon!!! Praying for you guys in the next few weeks!!