Monday, March 15, 2010

From the Other Side of Planet Earth

Hello from the other side of planet Earth! It's been interesting to try to explain to my toddlers where I am and what I am doing on this trip to India with International Princess Project. Max best understands this when I tell him that I'm flying on an airplane to go to the other side of planet Earth.

For the past three days, Laura and I have been in Mumbai (Bombay), a city with a population of about 14 million people. The sheer number of people in India has been a bit staggering. The population of the entire country is 1.3 billion. That number didn't mean much to me until someone offered this perspective: The US has a population of about 300 million. So add A BILLION people to that (remember, one billion is one thousand times one million!) and put them all in the land mass of an area roughly 1/3 the size of America. I can't even begin to describe just how many people there are everywhere.

During our days in the city, we've been busy with IPP business: a trip to the fabric district to pick out samples for future Punjammie styles, several meetings with other organizations doing important related work in Mumbai, a visit to two aftercare homes for Indian girls who have been rescued from forced prostitution, and debriefing and taking notes on the meetings and interactions we've had here on the ground in India.

When I return home, I'm planning to spend some significant time writing and blogging about all the details of our time in India. While we are here, there's simply not time to emotionally process, much less write about, all the things I'm seeing and experiencing. But while we are on the trip and when I can get a decent Internet connection, I'm hoping to keep you all updated about at least some of the basic facts of what we're doing. In the weeks to come, be watching for more in-depth posts about all that God is doing in this amazing country.

Very soon we'll be moving on to our next leg of the trip: several days spent in a quite rural area of India visiting one of the IPP sewing centers. More to come, friends!

This is a photo of Laura and I in a tiny little auto rickshaw, riding around this huge city.
The driving here is like nothing I've ever experienced. Absolute chaos, but somehow it works!


Allison Bellomy said...

loved your post...your pictures are really bringing back a lot of good memories from my time there! praying for you.

Husband said...

Don't forget to come home soon, sweety.

Diane said...

Hi Cherissa,

How exciting to read this and see the pictures. Can't wait to hear all about it first hand.

Glad you got to visit with your kids..... was it through Skype???
I remember those days. It was great~!!!

Praying for you and Laura. See you soon.

Diane (for Dale, too)

Dan said...

Great to hear from you. Can't imagine all of those people in that size of place. We are praying for you and your trip. Tell Laura Hi!


Jonna said...

Glad to see your update! I've been praying for you and can't wait to hear/see all about it when you get home! Tell Laura hi for me!!!

Vicki Dees said...

Loved seeing you and Laura in the photos. And I loved you in the red scarf. You know I always like the way you look in that striking red. Too bad a little of that dark hair can't peek around it! I noticed no jackets. Is it unbearable? Did you have air conditioning in the hotel?

MARKO said...

great post and looks like you're doing great.

Laurie said...

This is a crazy way to ask for something, but can you ask them to make LOTS of them in larger sizes? I went to their website to buy them (after checking out Pioneerwomandotcom) and all they have are small and xsmall and a few large... which apparently run very small. I'd have bought 3 or 4 of them as I am in the market for new jammies, but nothing was in my size. I am sure they are losing some business.