Monday, March 01, 2010

Meeting the new Cousin

On Friday, I took the kids up to the hospital (or "hostible" as Max calls it) to see Roman for the first time. Kids under 12 aren't allowed in the labor and delivery wing because of RSV risks, but they were allowed to look at him through the windows of the nursery. Tyler brought Roman down to the nursery so they could see him. I wish I had a video of this- Max and Maggie were leaping up and down; they could not contain their excitement!

On Sunday, Mitch and Steph were able to come over from Owasso. We weren't able to get a pic of the whole family, but all 14 of us were there at Tyler and Meagan's to welcome Roman. It felt so good to have the whole family there together! We did manage to get a picture of Dad and Mom with all six of the grandkids!

Lucas and I holding Roman for the first time:

It is just so exciting to have a new baby in the family! Later this week, we are hoping to do a full newborn photo shoot of baby Roman, so stay tuned for some more newborn sweetness!

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Allison Bellomy said...

what a blessing new babies are! so excited for the Dees family. I love the picture of Kerwin and Vicki with all the grandkids...precious!