Monday, March 22, 2010

Ashraya Sewing Center

On our second full day in Andhra Pradesh (the more rural area where we were visiting), we got to go for a short visit to the International Princess Project sewing center in the Ashraya house of the Harvest India campus. After hearing so much about IPP over the past two years, it was incredible to finally see it with my own eyes.

We got to witness Kelsea (the IPP sewing trainer and consultant) in her element as she evaluated the production system and quality checked the punjammies the women had made and trained them on some minor changes. It was really beautiful to witness the personal relationship that Kelsea has developed with the women and see how they loved her, trusted her and were working together as a team to accomplish this production goal. The personal dignity and confidence in these beautiful women
seemed to be growing before our very eyes. They are doing such magnificent work!

I'm going to post a lot of pictures of our first day at Ashraya! This is IPP in action:


Soaring High said...

beautiful pictures! thank you for posting these.

The Mains said...

Tremendous! I weep, I rejoice... just tremendous.