Monday, March 22, 2010

Bless this Home

On our second day in Andhra Pradesh, we also had the privilege of participated in the dedication of Suresh and Christina's new home on the Harvest India campus.

This was really emotionally moving to me. Suresh and Christina are currently living in a fairly large four-story home two miles from the Harvest India campus. This is the house where they also host lots of short-term mission teams, so it's set up for western hospitality. Even though they were comfortable in their home there, they really felt a burden to live closer to the orphan home so that they can have more day-to-day interaction with the the orphans who need a mommy and daddy close by. So they are moving into a humble two-room home just up the lane from the orphan home. It was an honor to pray a prayer of blessing over their new home– I know it is a place that will be filled with laughter and love.

This is their new kitchen.

Sitting in one of the two rooms with a bunch of children from the orphan home. These kids were trying to teach me how to speak a few phrases in their local language, telugu. They got a kick out of me butchering the language. :-)

Within just a few minutes of the home dedication, they built this open fire in their new living room to warm up lunch for about 50 people.

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