Monday, April 20, 2009

What a great day!

Yesterday was truly a great day. For a couple of weeks, my parents had been planning on speaking at a church in my hometown of Owasso about their journey through terminal cancer. 

I really wanted to attend, but just didn't see how it would be possible with the kids. Maggie is at a stage of severe separation anxiety, and makes herself sick from crying so hard if left in a strange nursery. The thought had crossed my mind that the only way I would be able to go is if someone could come to my parents' home and watch the kids while I went to Owasso. But I just didn't feel like I could ask anyone to do that on a Sunday morning.

I was so shocked and surprised and thankful to find my aunt's e-mail a couple of days ago offering to drive FROM DALLAS to come stay with the kids for the day so that I could: a) go to hear my parents speak, and b) have a break from motherhood during this season while I'm here without Lucas.

Her offer was yet another reminder to me of the supernatural way in which a loving Heavenly Father is caring for my every need during these difficult days. Thank you, Lord!

And what an incredible gift from my aunt! I was able to drive to Owasso with Russell, Tyler and Meagan; hear my parents speak at two services; visit with friends who attended the services; and then enjoy a nice lunch out before heading back to Siloam Springs late in the afternoon.

I guess I was in such a hurry to get out the door (FREE-DOM!) that I forgot to take a picture of my aunt and my cousin while they were here! But we had a really sweet visit on Saturday night, and they gave me such an awesome gift by keeping the kids all day on Sunday.

Thank you, Aunt Suzie. You were my hero this weekend!


the schilps said...

yea for aunt suzy! that just makes my heart so happy for you, riss. i am thankful you had a break and a time to just be. life to your soul, yes?!
love you!

christine said...

WHAT A BLESSING!!! Your Aunt gets the gold star for the month!!!! That is fantastic!! If you ever need an outing for the kids when your mom is resting--please call! We are here and would love to provide a fun diversion for your kiddos!