Saturday, April 11, 2009

All Together for Easter!

We are so happy to all be together for Easter this weekend! Lucas and Max flew in late Thursday night. Lucas will fly back to Idaho on Monday, but Max will stay with me this time.

Brian, Lucas and Dad always have to get in some good Acquire action when Lucas is in town. Apparently Dad dominated all three games last night.

This is what the Dees family used to look like! 
It's crazy how much many people we've added in the past few years!
This was an unplanned surprise to have all four kids here with mom
and dad during the day on Thursday.


the schilps said...

so glad lucas is with you for the weekend, riss. i hope you soak up every minute.
love you.

christine said...

I LOVE it when you guys visit. I don't even mind losing my husband every night that Lucas is in town! Ha!