Saturday, October 25, 2008

The motherload from Old Navy

Or, as Maximus called it today, "Oh, Maybe." Every once in a while, Old Navy has awesome sales on their clearance items. Today was one of those days. They were hosting a halloween party and any kids who showed up in costume got to pick out any t-shirt free. They were also handing out $5 off any purchase coupons, baby and toddler clearance was an additional 50% off clearance prices, and there was a HUGE rack of men's and women's clothes marked $1.99. It was great! Here's what the Roebucks scored today:

Women's clothes:

6 shirts
2 skirts
2 shorts
1 bra
1 pair of shoes

Toddler/ baby clothes:

2 pj sets
1 skirt
3 dresses
8 shirts
1 pair of pants

All of this for the grand total of $45. 32. That's about $1.68 per item! While $45 is a pretty big chunk of cash for us to be plunking down right now, I was so thankful to get some adorable gifts for some special friends' soon-to-be-arriving babies, as well as some needed items for Max, Maggie and myself. Thank you, Lord!


Jonathan said...

Yayyyy! I love Old Navy visits like that! Good for you!


Amanda said...

Wow, that's great!

Smits Family said...

Way to go couponing/thrifty mom!

I got some great CVS deals today... it just makes ya feel good! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the fall pictures. I also enjoyed seeing the California Grandparents pictures.

Can hardly wait to see you!

Dad (Grandpapa)