Thursday, October 16, 2008

California Adventures: Pismo Beach and Wives' Weekend 2008

At the end of our trip to California, I got a really special treat of being able to spend a few days on the coast of Pismo Beach with Amy, Anna, and Laura, three very special friends in my life. Amy and Anna went to college with Jacob and Lucas, and I have been so thankful that that friendship has translated into a really priceless friendship between the four of us gals as well. 

Only God knew how much we all needed this weekend with dear friends! Here's a little glimpse of our time together:

We shopped and ate at the "House of Bread." Thankfully, none of us have carb issues.

We sat and talked. Then we moved locations and sat and talked some more.

We tried to avoid getting drenched when the tide came in strong. Some of us did better than others.

We walked along the beach and under the pier. Oh, and we talked some more.

We took self portraits.

We took more self portraits.

We swang. We laughed. We discussed the various merits and risks of the McRib, McLobster, and McFish.

We had a Trader Joe's picnic at our hotel.

We watched the sunset. And then we talked until it was so cold and dark that we had to move inside to our hotel room to continue talking by the fireplace.

Did I mention that we talked. A lot. And it was good for my soul. Thank you, dear friends, for such a sweet and unforgettable weekend!


Jonathan said...

Oooooh, seeing those pictures again was just great. What a lovely weekend it was! Thank you!


Mom Keena said...

Hey, I know that Anna! She looks great! As I must say, you all do. What a gift of a weekend!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy that you had a great time away with your friends. Great pictures of your friends and of your family at the wedding. We are especially thankful for the faithfulness of Max and Maggie California grandparents.

Dad and Mom.