Thursday, October 23, 2008

Final California Adventure Post: Visiting Grandpa and Abuelita

I know it's taken me forever to get these posts up about our California trip- Sorry! Here's the final installment: our visit to Chaney and Maria, a.k.a Dad and Mari, a.k.a Grandpa and Abuelita. After Lucas had to fly back to Idaho to get back to work, the kids and I trekked down to San Diego county to spend a week with his Dad and Mari. We had a great visit, and they were so nice to keep the kids while I partied at Pismo Beach with the girls! Here are a few snaps from our visit:
Abuelita got a kick out of Maggie stuffing entire bananas in her mouth all at once.

Chata is Grandpa and Abuelita's dog, and the kids LOVE her!

Max and Maggie with their Grandpa.

Snuggling in bed together.

I was SO happy to see the kids when I got back from Pismo Beach!

Grandpa shows Max and Maggie the birds

Abuelita teaches Maggie the basics on how to cook the BEST MEXICAN FOOD IN THE WORLD. "The most important thing, Maggie," says Abuelita, "Is to never, NEVER, put a metal spoon in the beans."

Max helps Maggie practice her walking at Grandpa's house.

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