Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The generosity is overwhelming

I just talked with my mom, who is finally starting to feel a bit better after this round of chemo. She told me that some very generous people in Owasso and Tulsa Oklahoma are hosting a benefit golf tournament for my family on Wed. Oct. 8. People around the country continue to overwhelm us with their love and support! If you'd like to know more about the event, check out the local Owasao newspaper at and scroll down to the second story on the home page with the photo of my parents.


the schilps said...

i don't really have words. i just have tears. i am thankful for The Body that uplifts, sustains, and heals. i am so thankful that your family is seeing that and receiving that in so many ways.
i love you.

Cindy McLean said...

Cherissa, Alot of people love your family. Know what is even MORE awesome than that? As much as everyone loves you all.......GOD loves us EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you are having a great respite in California!

Amanda said...

Hey Riss,
Sounds like you are having some crazy, busy fun. I'm so glad you got to have a couple of days without the kids to just relax. Just wanted you to konw that you and your family are daily in our prayers. Love you!