Tuesday, October 14, 2008

California Adventures: Joe and Tammy's Wedding Part 2

Joe's mom and dad decide what to write on their white board message to to Joe and Tammy.

Me and my sweetie

Joe and his sweetie dancing their first dance!

One of the coolest parts of the wedding was that the entire ceremony and reception were translated in sign language. Tammy's parents are both deaf and there were also many others from the deaf community at the wedding.

Susan took this picture of Brandy and me. Didn't she do great?

Three generations of Roebucks

I really like this picture of Maggie with her Uncle Erick.

All the guys wore these cool Converse tennies. It was fun.

Max, Jackson and Grandma tear it up on the dance floor. Max and Jackson had so much fun playing together at the wedding.

Twins and wives.


Five Freddys said...

Riss - Maggie is so adorable!

christine matchell said...

Maggie's dress is so CUTE!!!! Great job on the pics and you look fantastic! :)