Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Week With Uncle Joe and Aunt Tammy!

We just had a fabulous week with Joe and Tammy! (For those of you who don't know- Joe is Lucas' brother and Tammy is Joe's beautifully lovely wife!). Here's a pictorial recap of some of our adventures this week:

The week started with a Valentine lollipop from Uncle Joe and Aunt Tammy. Max and Maggie were feeling the love. They quickly realized this was going to be a pretty fun week. :-)

After weeks of COLD and cloudy weather, Joe and Tammy brought some California sunshine along with them! We enjoyed a picnic in the park on a gorgeous February day.

Extreme Swinging with Uncle Joe. "Higher, Uh-Al Doe!" Maggie was yelling.

Joe and Tammy cooked us up some awesome Carne Asada, which we enjoyed on the patio, thanks to Joe's mechanical skills of fixing our patio heater!

We spent some quality time with my parents. Then they watched the kids so Joe and Tammy and Lucas and I could go on a double date- how fun!

Max and Maggie learned how to dry the dishes.

And Maggie and Tammy read, and read, and read......

.... and read.....

..... and read some more!

And Uncle Joe put on some puppet shows.

So, as you can see, it's absolutely no wonder why, when Saturday came, Max and Maggie were asking if they could go home to California with Joe and Tammy. Seriously. They thought they might could hitch a ride this way:

Thanks, Joe and Tammy, for a wonderful week of fun! We loved having you here!!

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